Our abrasive line comes in many shapes, sizes, packages, grits and even colors (Well, the boxes and lines, anyway).

Bulk rolls are a popular item when you want to buy a large amount of sandpaper in the same grit. Some wonder how that works when you don’t exactly know where to cut it to fit the right size machine. Simple — SuperMax Tools added a color code system on the back of the bulk rolls. Different colors represent where you need to cut per machine size.


On the back of each box, there is a chart indicating how many strips of each kind that we have are available as well as the color code.

60 Grit and Finer 24 and 36 Grit
16″  –  19 16″  –  14
22″  –  14 22″  –  10
25″  –  12 25″  –  9
37″  –  8 37″  –  6
50″  –  6 50″  –  4
Drum Size Color Mark
10″ Yellow
16″ Black
22″ Red
25″ Green
37″ Blue
50″ Green (SECOND)


BulkSandpaper3 BulkSandpaperBlog2











Here are two images that show the color code system. The photo on the left shows a yellow line, indicating one of our new sandpaper wraps, the 10″. The photo on the right shows the color notches from how they look from the top.

SuperMax Tools abrasives also come in individual wraps, as well as, boxes of wraps. Each box label and wrap label is color coded for the size of the machine.

Drum Size Color Code
10″ Yellow
16″ Gray
22″ Red
25″ Green
37″ Blue
All sandpaper wraps – missing the 10″

Box Abrasives











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