Business is booming for the Lardomitas at Benchmark Signs & Gifts
Business is booming for the Lardomitas at Benchmark Signs & Gifts [Sam pictured with both of his 19-38 SuperMax Drum Sanders]


Sam and Kristy Lardomita are in their third year of business at Benchmark Signs & Gifts out of Northfield Center, Ohio. They purchased a SuperMax 19-38 Drum Sander from us directly about two years ago after watching a YouTube video from fellow woodworker, Carole Rothman. They’ve had nothing but wonderful things to say about the drum sander, the abrasive sandpaper as well as our customer service.

The Lardomitas began working with reclaimed pallets for furniture products and Sam decided he wanted to get out of the automotive business to focus on woodworking.

As they’ve said online and in conversation, Benchmark Signs and Gifts are committed to creating the finest custom carved signs and they need top of the line tools and equipment to do so. Their most popular item so far, the cabin signs, needs an even custom sand finish, which Sam says the 19-38 model delivers.

Sam was pleased with the results as well as the long lasting capability of one roll of SuperMax sandpaper. “As opposed to using a hand sander, the finish is a lot more smooth and consistent and from a money standpoint, I use a ton less 5” or 6” sanding disks. I could use one roll on a SuperMax [and it] could last me months at a time.”

Their business has picked up in the last year, especially around the holidays they said. The Lardomitas had considered purchasing a double drum sander, but time constraints wouldn’t allow. They were pleased to see a local distributor near them, Cleveland Tool and Cutter, had another SuperMax 19-38 in stock, so Sam purchased it about two months ago to create more signs at a faster rate.

Here at SuperMax, we pride ourselves in our exceptional customer service and that you will never talk to an automated system. Sam and Kristy can both attest to the fact that we have knowledgeable staff on site to meet with you or answer any questions over the phone that you may have.

“The machine is perfect, the people that I talk to there are great. Dennis I’ve talked to quite a few times and he’s very knowledgeable, very informative. And I’ve had a couple questions about some parts that I’ve needed and Dennis has always steered me in the right direction for the best parts and whatever I needed.”

We’re grateful for the positive words and continue to look forward to working with Benchmark Signs & Gifts.