This information represents suggestions on how to maximize performance and further understand SuperMax Tools drum and brush products.  It is not intended to substitute, supersede or replace information provided in the owner’s manual.  It is paramount that all end users, sales staff and promoters read and understand all provided documentation and safety rules that come with SuperMax Tools products.

Question 8.  That brush sander seems awfully expensive for doing just one thing.  What’s the deal?

I like to think of the SuperMax Brush sander as a very generic machine adaptable to a multitude of specific end results.  No doubt, it’s confusing to the neophyte …flatter, wire, nylon, scruffy heads; different wire gauges, grits, spacing, height adjustments, rpm’s, feed rates …good grief it goes on and on!  But, we make it simple by taking your samples and designing the perfect brush head along with a spec sheet detailing the proper adjustment settings for you.  We take the guess work out so you can go to work.

Question 9.  Can I put a brush head on my drum sander or vice-versa?

With the exception of the 19-38 Combo and 13 inch Combo machines, no.  Although all the machines are similar looking, everything is different.  In a nutshell, the drum and combo sanders have a smaller diameter brush and drum head configuration.  The brush sanders in the Performance series have a large diameter capacity that can accommodate various head sizes and be swaped out in a matter of  minutes.  The motors, dust hoods, castings and motor RPM controls on the brush sanders make for a different animal!

The publication has been prepared by JP DesCamp, area representative for SuperMax Tools.  Reproduction of this document is highly encouraged.

(Orig April 2006)

(Revision August 2015)