This information represents suggestions on how to maximize performance and further understand SuperMax Tools drum and brush products.  It is not intended to substitute, supersede or replace information provided in the owner’s manual.  It is paramount that all end users, sales staff and promoters read and understand all provided documentation and safety rules that come with SuperMax Tools products.

Question 6.  Why are the SuperMax machines more expensive when compared to similar machines?

The short answer:  You get what you pay for.

The long answer:  Both the Woodworker and Performance Series are productivity machines designed to last a very long time.  They already have a proven track record, two year warranties, excellent parts inventory and support from staff who know what they’re talking about.

Question 7.  If SuperMax drum sanders are so powerful at abrasive planning, do I need a dedicated planner?

Perhaps, but consider this …the price of some hardwoods is getting prohibitively expensive.  So, why not equip your shop or business with a quality band saw and resaw fence, then cut your lumber to a nominal thickness.  Then, use the SuperMax drum sander to finish dimension your boards.  You have accomplished three things while using this method:  1: Maximize all your rough cut lumber instead of making planner chips and noise; 2: Conserve precious wood resources, and 3: enjoy a perfect finish with no tear-out; especially on highly figured wood such as knotty pine or curly maple.  The end result …boards are flat and planer snipe is eliminated.


The publication has been prepared by JP DesCamp, area representative for SuperMax Tools.  Reproduction of this document is highly encouraged.

(Orig April 2006)
(Revision August 2015)