This information represents suggestions on how to maximize performance and further understand SuperMax Tools drum and brush products.  It is not intended to substitute, supersede or replace information provided in the owner’s manual.  It is paramount that all end users, sales staff and promoters read and understand all provided documentation and safety rules that come with SuperMax Tools products.

Question 12.  What is the difference between the Woodworker and Performance Series of drum and brush sanders?

The short and scrappy answer is this:  If it plugs into a standard household 115 volt outlet, it’s a Woodworker Series.  If it plugs into a 230 volt outlet or has no plug at all, it’s a Performance Series single or three phase machine respectively.  The Woodworker Series machines are perfect for the small shop or home hobbyist, whereas the Performance Series is designed for the active commercial shop.

Question 13.  Ok, SuperMax gives me two years parts and labor on the warranty.  What happens if things “go south” after that?

Your first life-line is your SuperMax distributor.  Sometimes, not every sales person is intimately familiar with SuperMax products; so if you need further support, give us a call at 651-454-3401.  A real live person will answer and will happily assist you.  If the issue is not immediately resolved, the problem will be escalated until you are satisfied and happy with our service.


The publication has been prepared by JP DesCamp, area representative for SuperMax Tools.  Reproduction of this document is highly encouraged.

(Orig April 2006)

(Revision August 2015)