This information represents suggestions on how to maximize performance and further understand SuperMax Tools drum and brush products.  It is not intended to substitute, supersede or replace information provided in the owner’s manual.  It is paramount that all end users, sales staff and promoters read and understand all provided documentation and safety rules that come with SuperMax Tools products.


Question 10.  What can the SuperMax Brush sander do?

Here are just a few ideas to start the imagination process…

  1. Contour sanding and de-nibbing on face frames, doors, panels, cove moldings, crown moldings, etc.
  2. Scuffing/cleaning of wood, plastic, ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  3. Floor refinishing
  4. Distressing of wood for that unique (old barn) weathered look.
  5. Unique and/or artistic pattern finishes on wood, metal and plastic …and anything else you can think of.

Tell us what you want and we’ll put your thoughts into action.

Question 11.  Besides abrasive planning, drum and finish sanding, what else can a SuperMax drum sander do?

For example, how about raising (annulling) the second drum (if on a two drum head machine) and using the machine as a super fine sander, such as:

  1. Placing small marquetry items for delicate sanding*
  2. Taking the paper patterns off of the scroll saw work*
  3. Use the 4, 6 or 12 inch table height capacity to joint/edge sand large or small components like drawer boxes.

The flat “no-give” conveyor belt and table with .010 uniform thickness provides consistent sanding quality.  In essence, the SuperMax drum sander can do everything the other guys can do at a competitive price while retaining its value decade after decade.  We have the parts to support you.  Drum and brush sanding is all we do.

(* Using grits of 180 and above with an appropriate backer board.  You can make your own backer board by running the board slightly outside the overall length of the drum and repeating the same until the desired “step” of depth is accomplished.)

The publication has been prepared by JP DesCamp, area representative for SuperMax Tools.  Reproduction of this document is highly encouraged.

(Orig April 2006)

(Revision August 2015)