We recently followed another design company with a project of theirs. Kurva Design Owner, Mike Randall¬†currently owns the SuperMax Tools 19-38 Drum Sander and has rave reviews about the machine. “I needed something that not only sped up the basic sanding processes in the shop but also let me precisely control the thickness of the lamination that I use for my wood bending projects,” said Randall. “The open ended design [on the 19-38 Drum Sander] not only saved space in my small shop but also allowed me to sand table tops and other wide pieces.”

Randall’s recent project involves a bent laminated hoop and he needed a durable, trustworthy sander to get the job done. “The beauty of this machine is that you can dial in the thickness of the laminates very accurately,” he said. “This makes the calculations for working out circumference and scarf length a snap. It is also fantastic for squaring up the faces after glue-up.”

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About Kurva Design

Mike Randall is a studio furniture maker and designer with a West Coast Modernist style. He creates beautiful furniture and lighting that is influenced by his love of clean lines and curved forms. He frequently integrates metal into his designs to provide stunning contrast in both color and texture. He works closely with local artisans for all the metalwork and, whenever possible, uses locally sourced materials.

For more information about this company, visit Randall’s website.