13″ Combination Brush/Drum Sander


The 13″ Combination Brush/Drum is the answer to your production bottleneck. Developed with moldings in mind, this versatile sander can tackle every step in your finishing process, from sanding raw wood to sanding in between coats of stain or primer. Read about other applications below.

This model features a 1-3/4 HP motor, and can handle stock up to 4″ thick, or as thin as 1/32″. It can also be equipped with an optional sanding drum for surface sanding.

  • Raw Wood Sanding | White Wood Sanding
    • Break sharp edges
    • Open grain for even finish absorption
    • Blend out minor defects
  • Sealer Sanding | Primer Sanding | Scuff Sanding
    • Removes raised fibers and grain (denib/defuzz)
  • Degloss previously finished wood
  • Clean reclaimed wood
  • Wire Brushing
    • Distress (weathered/Southwest finish)
    • Pull out soft grain to create textured surface
Maximum Sanding Width:13″
Minimum Sanding Length:9″
Maximum Sanding Thickness:4″, varies with drum/brush style
Top Filter Bag Length:1 Micron Cloth – 32”
Minimum Sanding Thickness:1/32″
Dimensions:35″ D x 42″ W x 44″ H
Drum:5 x 13 Extruded Aluminum
Brush:6-8 Typical Diameter
Speed:Infinitely Variable 400-1200 RPM
Dust Hood:1 – 4″ vacuum port, hinged at back (min. 600CFM recommended)
Speed:Infinitely Variable 400-1200 RPM
Dust Hood:1 – 4″ vacuum port, hinged at back (min. 600CFM recommended)
Conveyor Motor:43″ -lb. torque, direct drive D.C. motor, ranged variable 0-10 FPM
Drive Motor (TEFC):1-3/4HP
Power Requirements:110V, 15 Amp, 20 Amp Service
Shipping Weight:300 (approx., varies based on how equipped)
  • Infinitely variable brush speed and conveyor feed rate
  • Optional Drum for surface sanding
  • Quickly change brush heads or abrasive loadings
  • Fully adjustable tension rollers prevent stock slippage
  • Reinforced steel conveyor bed with a poly conveyor belt
  • Precision height adjustment
  • Bristle Contact Gauge included

What is the difference between the 19-38 Combo and the 13″ Combo?

There are several differences between these two pieces of equipment. See the chart below for the main differences, and if you still have questions on which machine would be best for your application, please call our office.

Light DutyDirect Drive- Greater range of brush speed (RPM)Medium DutyBelt driven- More low-end torque
(important for more aggressive and coarse nylon applications).
Small brush diameter (5″)

Larger brush diameter (7-9″)- Longer brush life

  • More aggressive brushing possible
  • Longer bristles offer deeper profile penetration
  • More HP per inch (potentially more aggressive)
110V, 1-3/4 HP motor110V- 1-3/4 HP motor
38″ working width (2 passes)13″ working width
4″ thickness capacity4″ thickness capacity
0-10’/minute conveyor0-10’/minute conveyor

What is the difference between your drum sanders and other brands?
SandSmart and Intellisand automatically adjust feed speed to help prevent burning of stock.  They also increase abrasive life and prevent damaging sander if “over fed”, set too deep or stock is thicker in middle or end.

All SuperMax® sander have infinitely adjustable conveyor feed rates for precise settings.

All SuperMax® sanders use a self-cooling drum which effectively dissipates heat from sanding, thus extending abrasive life, reducing the chance of burning and prevents over-heating and warping of the drum.

All SuperMax® drum sanders are precision engineered for long life.

All SuperMax® sanders use a computer balanced drum(s) and drive train components to prevent ripple on the surface of stock being processed and to extend life of bearings and other parts.

All SuperMax® drum sanders use an exclusive abrasive conveyor belt which offers the best grip and no-give grip to stock being sanded.

All SuperMax® drum sanders use a patented self-tightening abrasive attachment system, making the common task of changing abrasives fast, simple and tool free.

The 13″ Combo Brush/Drum comes with one brush head of choice on an open stand. Additional brush heads and accessories are available for purchase.
Item # Description
SUPMX-91067 13″ Combo Brush/Drum Sander, 110V (includes 1 brush)
Optional Accessories
Item # Description
SUPMX-60-420 Sanding Drum
SUPMX-60-0400 Wire Brush Head
SUPMX-60-040x Nylon Brush Head (Call & Specify Type)
SUPMX-60-24xx Flatter Brush Head w/ strips (Call & Specify Type)
SUPMX-60-24xx-x Abrasive Strips for Flatter Head (Call & Specify Type)
SUPMX-98-1601 Infeed/Outfeed Tables
*Pricing subject to change*


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